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Sponsorship Opportunities

Bridon Ropes FC has a number of opportunities available to potential sponsors. Our price list is available below but if you are interested in anything not on the list please contact the club and we will be happy to accommodate your needs. All prices listed are the cost per season.

  • Programme Adverts

    • 1/4 page: £75

    • 1/2 page: £130

    • Full page: £250

  • Pitch Perimeter Advertising Boards: £350

  • Under 16s Kit Sponsorship: From £750

  • Physio Kit Sponsorship: From £1,000

  • Staff Kit Sponsorship: From £2,000

  • Warm-Up Kit Sponsorship: From £3,000

  • Training Kit Sponsorship: From £4,000

  • First Team Kit Sponsorship: From £5,000

If you are interested in the sponsorship opportunities above please contact us on the form below, mentioning the company name and which option you would be interested in.

Thanks for submitting!

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