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Bridon Ropes FC began life as a factory team back in 1935, it was founded by workers from the British Ropes Factory in Charlton, London, and unsurprisingly became known as British Ropes FC.


In the early days we played in various local leagues with home matches being played at our factory ground until eventually joining the South London Amateur league.

Several years later we found ourselves playing in the greater London League which was very short lived and in 1975 we left to compete in the London Spartan League still under the name of British Ropes. In 1990 after amalgamating with Doncaster Ropes the company changed it's name to Bridon Ropes, to follow suit we also dropped the British Ropes name and changed it to Bridon Sports. We went on to win Division Two of the Spartan League in 1991-92 as well as winning the Kent Junior Cup, however the new name didn't last long and at the end of the season it was changed to Bridon Ropes FC.

In 1997 we became founding members of the Spartan South Midlands League Division 1 South, however the distances involved in travelling to away matches became difficult for many players and the decision was made to become founder members of the London Intermediate League the following season. After several years with some enjoyable football it was quite obvious that a move was required to improve the calibre of  players we could attract and provide us with better opposition, this was achieved by being successful in our application to join the Kent County League of which we became champions in the 2009 season and were promoted to the Premier Division.

In 2011 we were fortunate enough to become founder members of  the Kent Invicta League which was formed to provide step 6 football in Kent after the powers that be decided that the gap between step 7 and step 5 was too great a hurdle to overcome for promoted teams from the Kent County League to the Kent League, but again this new enterprise had a very limited existence and eventually amalgamated with the Kent League which has now been renamed the Southern Counties East Football League or SCEFL for short, this League now has a Premier and First Division.

We continue to move forward  and have been running Youth Teams since 2008/09 under the auspices of the Kent Youth League , this has proved to be a really successful venture for the Club , our current First and Reserve teams benefit enormously from our youth setup and will continue to do so for many years to come looking at the current crop of talented youngsters.

League Honours

London Spartan League Div 2               R/up 1972/73

London Spartan League Div 2               Winners 1992-1993

Kent County League Div 2                      R/up    2005-2006

Kent County League Div 1                      Winners 2009-2010

Cup Honours

Plumstead Challenge Cup                       Winners 1974, 1975, 1977

Kent Junior Cup                                          Winners 1992-1993

Spartan South Midlands Div 1 Cup     R/up 1997-1998

London Intermediate L/Cup                  Winners 1999-2000

London Intermediate L/Cup                  Winners 2000-2001

London Senior Trophy                             Winners  2013/2014

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